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Action: getPerson()
User ID or Name: (e.g. "Adams-35" or "978")
Valid field values:
Id, Name, FirstName, MiddleName, LastNameAtBirth, LastNameCurrent, Nicknames, LastNameOther, RealName, Prefix, Suffix, BirthLocation, DeathLocation, Gender, BirthDate,DeathDate, Photo, Father,Mother, Privacy, Parents,Siblings,Spouses,Children, Manager
Action: getProfile()
WikiTree ID, Space:Name or Page ID: (e.g. "Adams-35" or "Space:Allied_POW_camps" or "7933538")
Action: getBio()
WikiTree ID or User ID: (e.g. "Adams-35" "3636")
Action: getWatchlist()

Action: getAncestors()
User ID or Name: (e.g. "Adams-35" "3636")
Depth (1-10): (default: 5)
Action: getRelatives()
User IDs or Names: (e.g. "Adams-35,Tesla-1")
Get Parents
Get Spouses
Get Children
Get Siblings
Action: getPrivacyLevels()
Function: getDNATestsByTestTaker()
User ID or Names: (e.g. "32" or "Whitten-1")
Function: getConnectedProfilesByDNATest()
User ID or Name: (e.g. "32" or "Whitten-1")
DNA Test ID:
Function: getConnectedDNATestsByProfile()
User ID or Name: (e.g. "32" or "Whitten-1")
Output appears here

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