Welcome to 2022 Winter OlympWiks


This app simulates the WikiTree LiveCast of Saturday February 19, 2022, when we focussed on Winter Olympians during our review of the Profiles of the Week.

You can navigate the various parts of the app using the buttons at the top.

To make it more interactive, viewers of the LiveCast were invited to register as participants in what we called the 2022 Winter OlympWiks. If you would like to be part of this, join in the parade of nations, and possibly win some OlympWiks gold yourself, register here and then return to this app and continue.

Perhaps you'd like to register your most athletic ancestor to join in the games?

Enjoy, and Welcome to the 2022 Winter OlympWiks!

          - Greg Clarke, CEO of 2022 OlympWiks web host association
          - Mags Gaulden, President of the International OlympWiks Committee