Test App for GPC

The X-Chromosome Friend Finder app will
  • start with a single ROOT individual (at or near the bottom of a family tree),
  • then traverse upwards through their tree (back in time) to find all potential ancestors who could have donated part of their X-Chromosome
  • then will travel back down through the tree and spread out to eventually find all possible cousins who could potentially share some portion of the same X-Chromosome.

NOTE: You must specify a maximum number of generations to go back in time.

There are two ways to generate this list of X-Friends:


Enter the WikiID for the initial person in the X-Chromosome Friend Finder,
to create a list of X-Chromosome ancestors and descendant test-takers.

Initial Person:
e.g. Marcoux-336

How far back do you wish to go?:   5 generations 


Import a GEDcom file which contains the Family Tree information required.

Privacy Settings

Display all Names
Living people: First Names only
Living people: Last Names only
Living people: Initials only
Living people: 'Living'
Show Dates for Living people
Show Places for Living people

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