Drouin Citation Builder

Use the form below to create a citation for a Drouin record found using Le LAFRANCE tool on genealogiequebec.com to be used as a Wikitree citation.


  1. Fill out the coloured sections of the form below.
  2. Click the Compile Citation button to assemble the pieces together into one REF citation /REF chunk of text.
  3. Click the Copy Citation button to copy the reference to your clipboard. (May need to scroll down)
  4. Paste the citation into the WikiTree profile you are currently editing.

How to fill out the LAFRANCE acte information
Text from LAFRANCE acte:
(Copy and paste text inside white box)
LAFRANCE Transcription: No Transcription
Show Before Citation
Show After Citation
Include inside Citation (will show in Sources section)
What's the difference in transcription options?
Original Document
Original document URL:
How to fill out the Original Document information
Original Document search path:
e.g. Québec/Ste/Ste-Marie/1800/1800/
Original Document Transcription:

Note: In some browsers, you can resize this textbox by dragging on bottom right corner downwards.

Check this box to replace new line characters (when you hit ENTER) in Final Note with <br/> code
This will force WikiTree to respect the new line formatting of your transcription.
(Useful for lists, e.g. census data)
Date Accessed:
include date accessed in citation
Simple Ref Named Ref No Ref tags


See example of a WikiTree profile using citations built with the Drouin Citation Builder.

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