WikiTree Apps from User mcgillis84

WikiTree Apps from User mcgillis84

Family Circles API for WikiTree

This is an experimental implementation of the Family Circles API using the WikiTree API as its data source.

The WikiTree Family Circles Service URL is

This is the Family Circles Explorer interface connected to the above service. (This is a slightly custom version of Explorer to work with Wikitree. Plan to work out a path to fold those changes into the base software or something similar that can then support what is used for this.)

To learn how to use the Explorer interface if you have about 6 min I recommend watching two videos from the Viewer and Explorer pages of Family Circles.

Because the search from the interface is currently only a lookup these are some starting points that may be interesting.

Will add more to the above as time permits. If anyone wants to contribute starting points they like suggest them to me, or provide a updated hash for the js/fc.js script with what you like. See that code for the "start" hash that is used to populate the above pulldowns.

This is an example of using the explorer from this page to iframe in a starting point into any page.

  1. Use WikiTree and search for a publicly available person of interest.

    Lets say I wanted Elvis Presley "The King".

  2. Once I find the person I'm after in WikiTree I look in the URL for the persons id.

    For Elvis Presley that is: Presley-155.

  3. Using that name I append to the above WikiTree Family Circles Service URL /object/<id> to get the family or families id for them:


    will return:

  4. Using the family information returned from the above I can then create a URL for the explorer that will load his family like:

    You can add as many id's as you like to the "start" parameter using a comma to separate them.

    The above URL is also perfectly good for sharing (e-mail, text, ...) anyone that clicks on it will see a page that loads and renders the desired family.

  5. Using that URL I can then create an iframe on any web page like this
    <iframe src=""
              width="500px" height="500px" frameborder="0" style="border: 1px solid black"></iframe>

    which results in this:


  1. Only publicly available people are accessible through this.
  2. No search functionality. You can enter a valid Wikitree Id and if it is public you can load it.
  3. WikiTree API for Children will return an empty array for no children but returns a hash if Children exist would be nice if it returned a empty hash. I believe this is also true for Spouses.